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    Thursday - November 21, 2019

   4th IEEE International Conference on Biophotonics 2019-09-15
15-18 September 2019 - Taipei Taiwan

Submission deadline: June 15th 2019
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   May 15th 2019: UNESCO International Day of Light 2019-05-15
programCelebrating the UNESCO Day-of-Light
May 16, 2:15 pm, University of Pavia, DIII
Aula 3, Engineering Building (nuovo Polo Didattica)

Outstanding Lecturers reporting on Photonics and related applications. Organized by the Ph.D. School in Electronics, Computer Science and Electrical Engineering and the Ph.D. School in Microelectronics at University of Pavia-Italy, together with IEEE Italy Section, IEEE Student Branch - Pavia and IEEE Photonics Society Italy Section.

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   10th Optoelectronics and Photonics Winter School: NLP2019 Nonlinear Photonics 2019-01-26
IEEE Photonics Italy is Technical Sponsor of the NLP2019 Nonlinear Photonics Winter School, that will take place in Andalo (Italy) from 20th till 26th of January,2019.

The School aims in bringing together a large number of PhD students and young researchers from all parts of the world which, during a one-week intense schedule, will follow a series of lectures on nonlinear photonics. The lectures are held by internationally recognized experts in the field. At the same, the students are encouraged to enjoy the beautiful location where the school is organized. These Optoelectronics and Photonics Winter School series are traditionally held in Trentino region every second year and have a very good reputation for the in-depth coverage of a topic and the lively atmosphere where ideas exchanges, discussions and amusements are all blended to give a strong physical flavour and unforgettable souvenirs.

All details at the Website: https://event.unitn.it/nlp2019

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