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    miSW Rel. 5.0
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    Saturday - February 27, 2021

miSW Project Introduction

The miSW Project (miSW is for Micro Sito Web, the italian for Micro Web Site) is a tool for the development of micro web sites based on a novel technique which allows the server to build the whole site using only one script that contains the html body.

All the input parameters are collect in only one temporary array that is forwarded to the operative script which creates "on-the-fly" the html codes for the different pages.
The script has a "total server-side" execution and does not require any activity from the client (i.e.: no java nor javascript support required) thus it guarantees a full compatibility with all the major web browsers.
Web-admins have a powerfull control over the layout of every page in the miSW powered site: number of columns, width of the column, content of the "ribbon-text", presence of "spot-menus" in the right column, presence and position of the related "tag" in the tob bar menu.

In a miSW web site there is a master PHP script who queries other PHP scripts in order to generate a lot of HTML scripts, one for every pages of the site.
"... a master script who queries other similar scripts to generate scripts of an other type...": the job isn't trivial ad I hope it could be a (little) step forward. Many years have passed since Ridley Scott directed "Blade Runner" and more since Philip K. Dick wrote "Do Androids Dream of Electric Sheep?" but we still are very far from Roy Batty, Pris and Rachael, even if someone has sintetyzed a bit of DNA. In its little world miSW is satisfied to be virtual, but its bow looks to Orion.
miSW project milestones
2016:july 20: miSW Rel 3.0 (html5)
2015:august 27: miSW Rel 2.2 (multilingual support)
2015:august 20: First test with Baloo server
2015:july: Start of miSW Rel. 2.1 development activity
2014:july 15: Go-live for the IEEE-PHOS-IC web server powered by miSW Rel 1.0
2014:june 30: miSW Rel 1.0
2014:june: Test with Baloo server
2014:may 27: Final test with Sempro server
2014:may 2: miSW Rel 0.1 (beta)
2014:april 15: Start of development activity
2014:april 12: Basic design
2014:april 2: Preliminary Study
2014:march 20: Agreement between AEIT & IEEE-PHOS-IC for the study of a new web site

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