Our Mission


Who we are

The "AEIT - Italian Association of Electrical, Electronics, Automation, Information and Communication Technology" was established on 1 January 1897 with the original name of "Italian Electrical Association" and from 1 November 2013, following a referendum social, assumed the current name.

Then AIIT - the Italian Association of Telecommunications Engineers, founded in 1962 merged into AEIT . Since 1910, per Royal Decree, AEIT received the recognition of "non-profit organization".

What do we do

AEIT is a cultural association and aims to promote and support:

  • the study of science, electronic, automation, information technology and telecommunications;
  • the development of related technologies and applications in the broadest sense;
  • cultural growth and professional development of its members in the areas mentioned.

People and organizations interested in the sciences, electronic, automation, information technology, telecommunications and disciplines and technologies related to them can associate to AEIT.

AEIT headquarter is in Milan, Via Mauro Macchi 32, the office of the General Presidency.

For the period 2017-2019 the General Presidency consists of:

Ing. Debora Stefani Presidente generale
Prof. Roberto Caldon Vicepresidente generale
Prof. Giovanni Cancellieri Vicepresidente generale
Prof. Mario Rinaldi Past President
Ing. Fabrizio Cattani Consigliere di Presidenza
Prof. Mario Martinelli Consigliere di Presidenza
P.I. Adamo Nicola Panzanella Consigliere di Presidenza
Prof. Stefano Pirani Consigliere di Presidenza
Prof. Angelo Raciti Consigliere di Presidenza

Scarica lo Statuto AEIT
Scarica il Regolamento generale AEIT


AEIT - Via Mauro Macchi 32 - 20124 Milano - tel. 02 873899.60 - c.f. e p.iva 01950140150 - codice univoco A4707H7 - Ente Morale dal 1910