AEIT Central Office

  From the AEIT General Regulations:

The Central Office is responsible for:
  • keep the administration of the AEIT and prepare the final balance sheet and the annual budget by performing all acts necessary for the accounting management of the AEIT and coordinating the administrative acts delegated to the Sections, Societies and other structures organized according to the rules approved by the General Council;
  • maintain the roll of members;
  • keep the list of Sections, Subsections, Societies, Theme Groups, other structures, and all membership offices;
  • maintain the list of members delegated to represent AEIT in external organizations;
  • to send notices of General Council meetings to the members and notices of General Assemblies, voting forms, etc. to the members.
  • edit, print and distribute AEIT publications;
  • to organize, with the support of the territorially competent Sections and Societies, the events of a general nature;
  • Assist the General Presidency in coordinating the program of events organized by the Sections and Societies in order to avoid conflicts and overlapping;
  • assisting the AEIT representatives in external organizations in the performance of their duties;
  • to assist the Presidents of the Societies of the AEIT in promoting and maintaining connections with homologous structures of other associations;
  • to assist the General Presidency in maintaining contacts with persons, organizations and other Italian or foreign bodies with which relations exist;
  • keeping the social archives.
In addition to the tasks listed above, the Central Office carries out any other activity entrusted to it by the General Presidency.

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